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‘Fantastic writing, perfect performance. Hilarious tone and extremely entertaining - I loved it!’

'Amazing double act! Timing so good, really made me laugh.’

‘An extremely difficult subject made both entertaining and informative.’

‘Really really funny. Thank you. Couldn't breathe I was laughing so hard.’

‘Amazing! laughed out loud the whole time.'

- Audience Feedback

Tell Tale Tits is a theatre company​, making silly work.Telling stories, being clowns and choreographing idiocy.

Tell Tale Tits' first work 'Her Ps and Qs' is by Charlotte Warner and Lexi Bradburn. Below is a synopsis of the show but to find out more do visit the companies website:

Ever had an annoying friend that just won’t go away? Queenie has.

Penelope and Queenie are an out-of-sync, over-sharing, double-act. Her Ps and Qs marks a silly romp through their unexpected relationship in all its glory and flaws. But what's their secret?

With more terms for ‘vagina’ than you ever thought possible and itching with humour - you'll find out.


premiered June 2019 @ Offbeat Festival

2020 Tour Rescheduled for 2021. Dates available on their website (link above).

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